Director's Message

As the season has changed abruptly to Autumn, I find myself thinking about the importance of tradition in a time of change. There are so many traditions associated with the Kentucky Horse Park that I love and celebrate.

I love seeing the hundreds of beautiful trees on the KHP grounds changing to vibrant colors before they drop their leaves to the ground.

I love seeing the KHP horses frolic in the pastures at the first temperature drop after a hot Kentucky summer. I love seeing them begin to don blankets and grow shaggy winter coats in anticipation of the temperature changes ahead.

I love seeing the campers in the campground decorating their campsites first with Halloween pumpkins and goblins, and then with festive holiday lights.

I love walking with my own family – two-legged and furry four-legged – each year in the Southern Lights Stroll. I love wearing the Stroll t-shirts I have collected from each year we have participated.

I love that while we are often half-frozen before the night is over, it always feels like the first step in kicking off the holiday season as a family.

I love working at Southern Lights and watching the guests come in to take their “annual family photo” in front of the giant tree or with Santa or Frosty. I love seeing grandparents witness their now grown children bringing their grandchildren to enjoy the same holiday traditions at Southern Lights that they have enjoyed together as a family over the past 25 years.

I love the opportunity to re-connect with so many friends and supporters through the Foundation’s year-end fundraising efforts. It is such fun to write personal notes on letters, receive notes and contributions in return, and share my sincere gratitude with so many who love the park as much as I do.

As with all things in this world, the Kentucky Horse Park is always changing. I appreciate and embrace the growth and change as I know that it is required to keep the park healthy and relevant in an ever-changing world. But I also cling to the traditions that make this place so special and meaningful.

Thank you, dear friends, for providing your financial gifts and volunteer time to help allow the Kentucky Horse Park to change, grow and improve where needed. But thank you also for always helping us protect and celebrate our beloved KHP traditions and preserve the park for future generations.

With true gratitude,
Laura Klumb
Executive Director