Kentucky Horse Park Mustang Troop

One of the Kentucky Horse Park’s most beloved outreach programs, the Kentucky Horse Park Mustang Troop has been serving local youth since 1994. Developed by the Kentucky Horse Park’s Equine Education Department, this program serves at-risk youth through the channels of horsemanship and riding. The Mustang Troop program provides a horse camp style experience for children who have suffered emotional trauma and will likely benefit from this experience.

The KHP is currently partnering with local non-profit Annie’s Answer. Annie’s Answer is an organization focusing on equine-assisted therapy with strong ties to the family court system in Fayette County. Annie’s Answer helps identify children that meet the criteria for this program and matches those children with the Mustang Troop. The mission of Annie’s Answer is to provide children with emotional therapy, disguised as a fun activity, so they avoid the childhood tendency to fight participation in traditional emotional therapy techniques. They currently have a waiting list for their services so this partnership allows more children to be served than ever before.

The Mustang Troop summer program provides the fun and excitement of a traditional horse camp, as well as the therapy, support and structure that comes with equine-assisted therapy. Through this high impact, equine-assisted therapy camp, the participating children begin to heal from the trauma they have experienced, and they also build lifelong coping skills, such as self-confidence, boundary setting, teamwork, and independence. While working with horses, the children learn the responsibility of caring for a horse, build self-esteem by learning to ride, and cultivate bonds with both horses and peers. The Mustang Troop impacts its participants in a significant way and provides lifelong building blocks for success.

The KHP is delighted to partner with such an outstanding organization and is actively fundraising to ensure the program’s overall success. If you would like to contribute to the KHP Mustang Troop, please contact the KHPF office at your convenience at 859-255-5727.