Memorials and Tributes

Honoring the lives of beloved friends and colleagues, family members or horses ... or remembering them and celebrating their lives and legacy can be a meaningful way to support the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation while also serving as inspiration to all who visit the Kentucky Horse Park, and enrich our park community.

The Kentucky Horse Park Foundation is creating a Celebration Wall in the new Miller barn where supporters can choose to honor or memorialize a loved one - be it human or beloved animal - by purchasing a plaque on the wall. All proceeds form the Celebration Wall project will be dedicated to maintaining and improving the competition facilities at the park - the barns, footing and show arenas.

Plaques are available in three sizes, and the foundation will work with you to personalize your message on the plaque you purchase.

Small Plaques:             6.5" x 3.8"             $1,000

Medium Plaques:             9" x 5"             $2,500

Large Plaques:             14" x 7"             $5,000