Board of Directors

Strong and knowledgeable members are fundamental to the effectiveness and success of any non-profit organization. The Kentucky Horse Park Foundation is comprised of skilled individuals who are effectively leading the organization now and into the future.

Clay Green

Chairman of the Board

Andrew Jacobs


Nicole Pieratt


Orson Oliver


Board Members

Our Board Members are committed to leading our organization according to high standards of integrity and accountability.

  • Dr. True Baker, DVM, DACVS
  • Ms. Ann Bakhaus
  • Mr. James C. Baughman, Jr.
  • Mrs. Jane Beshear
  • Ms. Demetria Blair
  • Mr. Derek Braun
  • Dr. Stuart Brown, DVM
  • Ms. Elizabeth Caldwell
  • Ms. LuLu Lenihan Davis
  • Mrs. Barclay de Wet
  • Dr. Amy Dix Rock
  • Mrs. Catharine Peterson Dryden
  • Ms. Tawana Edwards
  • Mrs. Jennie Garlington
  • Mr. Hutton Goodman
  • Mr. Bill Hilliard
  • Ms. Meg Jewett
  • Mrs. Becky Jordan
  • Mr. Bill Justice
  • Ms. Teri Kessler
  • Ms. Deborah H. Long
  • Ms. Lisa Lourie
  • Mrs. Deirdre Lyons
  • Mrs. Jennifer S. Madden
  • Mr. Zeff Maloney
  • Mr. James M. Miller
  • Mrs. Judy Miller
  • Mrs. Janie Musselman
  • Mrs. Maegan F. Nicholson
  • Mrs. Mary Jane Nuckols
  • Mrs. Katherine O’Brien
  • Mrs. Eloise Penn
  • Dr. Tom Riddle, DVM
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Robbins
  • Mr. Walt Robertson, Jr.
  • Mr. Walt Robertson, Sr.
  • Mr. David B. Rudder
  • Mr. Justin Sautter
  • Mrs. Martha Slaughter
  • Dr. Deborah Spike-Pierce, DVM, MBA
  • Mr. Richard Sturgill
  • Mrs. Jenny Sutton
  • Mrs. Donna Ward
  • Ms. Jane Winegardner
  • Mrs. Marian Zeitlin

Advisory Council

The KHPF Advisory Council is comprised of individuals who have made significant contributions to not only the Kentucky Horse Park, but also to the global equine community. They provide invaluable insight and expertise for our organization.

  • Mrs. Nina Bonnie
  • Mr. Alex Boone
  • Mrs. Caroline H. Boone
  • Mr. Luther Deaton, Jr.
  • Mr. Greg Goodman
  • Mrs. Linda L. Green
  • Mrs. Mary Guiness
  • Ms. Dell Hancock
  • Mrs. Misdee Wrigley Miller
  • Mr. Greg Simon
  • Mr. Howard Simpson

The Foundation Staff

We are incredibly proud of our staff, who bring their “A” game, everyday, to the benefit and success of KHP Foundation. You can contact the staff individually at the email addresses below.


Kathy Meyer
Executive Director


Sidney Barnett
Volunteer & Outreach Programs Director


Chris Nentwick
Database & Southern Lights Manager


Elizabeth Bartlett
Director of Development


Debbie Saliling
Deputy Executive Director


Jenna Young
Marketing and Events Coordinator

Interested in becoming a volunteer for the Kentucky Horse Park?

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