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Barn Renovation

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Barn Renovation Project

Grants Are Making a Great Impact

The KHPF is raising funds to support the much-needed renovation of Barns 1 – 21, beginning with Barns 1-4 and Barns 8-12. Two significant grants from USA Equestrian Trust and Equestrian Events, Inc. are making a great impact on this project’s momentum, and the KHPF is eager to build on the excitement.

As equestrians that use the park know all too well, the past few years have been a time of significant growth for the Kentucky Horse Park. The park is proud to host competitions and events that serve virtually every breed and discipline of horse and to operate 365 days per year.

Plans for Renovation

This exponential growth and year-round activity, while a positive and welcome improvement, also mean that capital facilities are used more often and require more frequent maintenance. The capital needs of the park are constant and ongoing, and the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation is committed to funding the renovations that are necessary to maintain safe and accommodating facilities.

The barns utilized by visiting competitors are one area of great concern. This summer, the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation launched a barn renovation fundraising effort to address the growing need.  Barns 1 – 4 and Barns 8 – 12 serve 50 horses each and are completely full during the competition season. Not only do the structures themselves need a facelift, but also the metal frame that holds the stalls together needs to be replaced and upgraded.

While we are thrilled to welcome more horses than ever before, we are also continually challenged by providing the best ‘home away from home’ that we can offer. — Jamie Link, Executive Director of the KHP

“Here at the Kentucky Horse Park, we are committed to providing the safest, most accommodating environment possible. While we are thrilled to welcome more horses than ever before, we are also continually challenged by providing the best ‘home away from home’ that we can offer. We are proud to partner with the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation’s efforts to fundraise for this important project. And we hope the folks that use these facilities so often– the competitors, the owners, the trainers–will partner with us,” shared Jamie Link, Executive Director of the Kentucky Horse Park.

Plans for renovation include removing the current stalls, installing kick-proof stalls (some of which will have the ability to become double stalls when needed), renovating lighting, adding fans, and replacing roofing, thus making the facilities safe and accommodating for the thousands of horses that use them each year. The two generous lead gifts make an important impact, but they will only cover a portion of the costly renovations that are necessary. The KHPF is actively seeking to fund the barn renovation project through private donations.

The Kentucky Horse Park Foundation seeks and welcomes support for this fundraising effort.
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